E.F. Blanchard Bits and Spurs Value Guide

E.F. Blanchard

Born:1894 Died:1982 Maker's Mark:
"E.F. BLANCHARD" with place name, style #, and type of steel code

E.F. Blanchard was born in New Mexico and when his father died he was forced to grow up fast and help run the family’s ranch. He learned to make spurs out of necessity and taught himself after observing another spur maker for a short while. Blanchard’s spurs are easy to identify as most are marked but you don’t need to see the mark to know it’s a Blanchard. His spurs all feature wide heel bands and short shanks with small rowels, with angled swinging buttons. Blanchard rarely mounted his work but there are special order pieces that he produced. Blanchard produced only a few styles which he numbered 2,3,4,5,6, and 8 which he offered in PS – plain steel, TS – tempered steel, or SS – stainless steel which is the most common. His work can be found marked based on where he was working at the time the oldest mark is from Monticello, NM followed by Datil, NM then San Antonio, NM then Seiligman, AZ and finally Yucca, AZ which is how the majority of Blanchard spurs were marked. Blanchard spurs aren’t especially rare and he could produce a pair per day once he had some machine help, but they are in demand and many collectors like to try and put together a complete set of each type of Blanchards.

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