El Gato Bits and Spurs Value Guide

El Gato

Born:1965 Died:1995 Maker's Mark:
"EL GATO SAN FRANCISCO", "EG/SF", or "El Gato" in script font

El Gato is a brand name marked on spurs that were made and imported for Bob McBride. He originally started having popular old bits and spurs copied by makers in Mexico, primariy by Aguilar Navarro Bros., Bravo Bros., and Lunas family. These pieces exhibit many styles and types of construction because they were making copies of whatever was sent. They are easy to identify and date between ’65-’95. The El Gato mark exists in 3 varieties: a block stamp of “EL GATO SAN FRANCISCO”, “EG/SF”, and a script “El Gato”.

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