G.A. Bischoff Bits and Spurs Value Guide

G.A. Bischoff

Born:1862 Died:1944 Maker's Mark:

George A. Bischoff was born in Maryland and apprenticed in a carriage shop where he learned to work with metal. He would move to Gainsville Texas where he worked in blacksmith shops and carraige shops, some that he owned, until he ended up working at J.R. McChesney’s shop in 1895. He would eventually open his own bit and spur making shop and produced a catalog to drive sales before selling the business to C.P. Shipley, where he continued to work for a few years. Towards the end of his life Bischoff worked for an aircraft company. Bischoff’s bit and spur business was only active for a few years and the quality of the work was very high, this level of rarity and quality drives prices for Bischoff bits and spurs towards the top of the collectible market, contact us for help evaluating and authenticating your Bischoff spurs or bit!

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