Hamley and Company Bits and Spurs Value Guide

Hamley and Company

Born:1857 Died:1994 Maker's Mark:
squashed "H" logo, or "HAMLEY CO PENDLETON ORE"

William Hamley was born in Cornwall, England and immigrated to the US where he eventually settled and set up a shop in Ripon, Wisconsin. William Hamley’s sons John James and Henry opened the Hamley Bros. Saddlery, which eventually was renamed Hamley and Company and was located in Kendrick, Idaho before being relocated to Pendleton, Oregon in 1905. In 1910, Mike Morales came to work for the firm as a bit and spur maker. Hamley also sold bits and spurs of other makers through their catalog, but the only pieces marked were made for Hamley by Mike Morales. These bits and spurs are marked with the Hamley “squashed H” or sometimes both the Hamley mark in addition to Mike Morales’ own.

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