The Faupels Bits and Spurs Value Guide

The Faupels

Born:1904-1971 (Leonard), 1932-1995 (Wesley) Died: Maker's Mark:
"L" initial, "W" initial, sometimes "L&W" for both father and son

The Faupels are a father and son team that produced bits and spurs (mostly bits) in Winnemucca, NV. Leonard Faupel (the father) married Marguerite Miller who was a half-sister to Elmer Miller who would later open his own bit and spur making school. Leonard worked as a butcher and police dispatcher for many years and made bits and spurs in his free time. Leonard’s son, Wesley, learned the trade from his father and his uncle Elmer Miller also taught him engraving and manufacturing techniques. Leonard worked part-time making bits and spurs for many years and then he and Wesley worked together, after Leonard’s death Wesley continued working on his own making bits, spurs, buckles, and jewelry.

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