Gal-Leg or Lady-Leg Spurs and Bits

Gal-leg or Lady-leg spurs are overall probably the number one design that will grab a collector’s attention. Almost every Texas maker and most of the catalog companies produced this design at one time or another as it was tremendously popular with Texas and southwestern cowboys. These spurs and bits are easy to identify by the shank of a spur being shaped like a woman’s leg with a stocking and garter typically engraved into the metal, sometimes accentuated by the used of different metals for different parts. Other design variations include the double gal-leg where the heel band would have a reverse of the lady’s leg going back. While the general design of the gal-leg pattern is pretty standard every maker had their own twist or small design innovations that can usually be used to identify even unmarked lady-leg bits and spurs just by the engraving, or leg design whether it’s the hose, garter ( or lack of ), boot or other features most makers are pretty easy to identify.


Since so many makers produced Gal-Leg bits and spurs and some makers even offered multiple customizations on a pair, it creates quite a field for collectors and Gal-Leg or Lady-Legs are a popular type of collecting area within bits and spurs. Examples that are well marked from a famous maker and in good condition often have no trouble bringing thousands of dollars from interested collectors and we pay top dollar for good pairs. Get in touch today to receive our offer!


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